41 minutes | Aug 27th 2019

Picking the right influencer, Instagrammer vs Youtuber | Podcast S01E06

Which is a better influencer for your business, an Instagrammer or Youtuber? IGTV is trying to ramp up its usage within the Instagram community by adding the feature where IGTV clips would start appearing in people’s feeds. Moreover, as recent in July, IGTV is getting another boost of exposure where anyone can watch IGTV videos on Instagram, in the standalone IGTV app. When someone you follow posts a new video to IGTV, you’ll get a notification in the native Instagram app. Along with that in mind, this gives influencers to expand its content strategy towards IGTV and even possibly convert Youtubers that are on Instagram to use this feature. In this episode, we highlight how Instagram and Youtube influencer is different from each other, and how you can use each one to your advantage for your business.

“I can’t even say they’ve got the same audience.”

There’s an overlap of viewers between Youtube & Instagram. However, if you view the user behavior and audience persona of a person who converts through Youtube vs. Instagram, you will see they are different. For starters, 62% of Youtube users are male, and the content that people are browsing for on Youtube are mainly product reviews, vlogging for travel, or longer form of stories from influencers. Users spend roughly 40 minutes a day on Youtube, Instagrammers use the channel twice as less than 18 minutes.

“How you convey the content on both channels is quite different.”

Youtube stands as a domain for more creative, sophisticated, and entertaining content, which takes up more concentration from users. Most of the videos are of higher quality and cinematic format. So for influencers to produce this content its more of a challenge and more costly because they need to find a form or theme to stand out from others.

With Instagram, it’s all about lifestyle — what people do and how they spend their money. Videos have to be quickly digestible as you have a couple of seconds before a user switches their attention to the next video, and it’s quicker to produce and less costly. With the evolution of IGTV, allowing both horizontal and vertical videos, this works excellent for creators who want to be up-close and personal with their audience, i.e., travel or cooking videos. As well for those creating content such as dance and sports, which are high motion and often feature a handful of people in the frame.

“What is the product you are trying to sell?”

If the product you are trying to sell or showcase is lifestyle-oriented such as clothes or accessories, then Instagram would be the right channel to use. Using influencers to mention for recommendations or referring a specific product is much more likely to look native and be appreciated than imposing direct ads on Instagram. If you are a lifestyle e-commerce brand driving traffic to your website via Instagram is harder. Even if you put links into stories, users may still feel reluctant to check out your brand.

Youtube would be a better channel to use, only if you want to educate your audience about your products in the first contact; which takes a longer form of video. Also, if you are looking for an additional traffic source, getting your videos to the ‘suggested’ section on Youtube will give you a tangible boost in terms of impressions and deliver potential customers to your website.

S01E06 Guests: Daniel Woodroof & Brandon Lee

Before they were co-founders of Pandan Social, a content marketing agency based in Malaysia. Daniel and Brandon met when they were both go-kart racers with the ultimate goal of joining formula one. In the business side, Brandon is a freelanced content creator and videographer. While Daniel is an accomplished marketing consultant. With their experience in the global markets, they saw that many brands don’t have a dedicated team to run or create content for their social media channels. Their agency Pandan Social fills in this need by providing brands with their dedicated team of content producers, account managers, and social media marketers to create content as well as manage their social media channels.

Daniel Woodroof   Brandon Lee



Don’t skip this bit.

  • If you want to be an effective content creator, always be yourself and be confident with your brand.
  • Always keep in trend.
  • Timeline is your life, be selective, and tailor your content to the platform you are using.
  • Leverage on collaborations – work with groups of people to create great content.
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