38 minutes | Dec 9th 2019

Customer Journey: Rethinking the funnel | Podcast S02E01

What do you know about your customer’s journey? As much as we’d long to singalong to – “Hey babe, take a walk on the wild side,” we figured it’s time to have a little reality check and steer you back to a relative path that will help you understand your customer journey. The funnel is no longer as clear cut as the next infographic you find on Google. These days, you got to learn, put yourself in someone else’s shoes, and if you’re in any business, start walking in your customer’s shoes.

We’re back with Season 2 to look into the pain points of Content Marketing and its fierce evolution. As a brand, how do you make sure your customers remain loyal or engaged with your product/service? It’s hard to know where to begin or how to think of the Consumer Decision Journey (CDJ) without an entry point.

Let’s face it – the word ‘funnel‘ has been widely in the realm of marketing. We decided to rope in one of Germany’s leading conversion optimization and growth marketing expert, Nils Kattau, to crunch through a conversation on the matter. Together, we revisit the fundamentals and discuss how to maneuver around an ever-evolving funnel.

“It DEPENDS on what your business is and what kind of users you have.”

Naturally, context is important here. If you’re working your way to building the ultimate funnel, there’s no one size fits all, and it’s not going to be easy (sorry!). You need to be able to analyze the different stages in terms of product type and price points. The answer to these questions will determine the complexity of your customer’s behavior and the barriers within their decision-making journey.

“You have to do a/b testing everywhere.”

The perfect funnel doesn’t exist; you can only decide on what works best by testing and making comparisons to evaluate the results. When it comes to mapping out your customer journey, you need to learn to track the right data and be able to distinguish the difference between micro and macro conversions.

“Try different marketing channels.”

Get experimental and try different marketing channels. Becoming overly dependent on ONE channel is one of the biggest mistakes most businesses make these days. The joy of having an endless amount of channels out there is that you’re able to find different ways to engage with your audience.

S02E01 Guest #1: Rethinking the Funnel with Nils Kattau, Founder of ‘The Digital Family,’ an E-Learning Platform for Advanced Online Marketing.

Introducing Nils Kattau, a conversion optimization expert who worked with clients like Airbnb, PayPal, Facebook, eBay – to name a few. An avid entrepreneur who founded THE DIGITAL FAMILY, an e-learning platform, and a German-based online marketing conference called OMLIVE. He shares insightful lead generation tips on this website and you’ll find entertaining Memes on his Instagram




Don’t skip this bit:

  • The bullseyes framework is useful. It will help you to experiment with both offline and online marketing channels
  • If you need a free tool for email marketing, use Sendy.co. It’s a better alternative (and cheaper!) than Mailchimp
  • Remember – your brain is a tool, don’t forget to think!


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