35 minutes | Feb 5th 2020

Creating with The Creative: How to Find “The One” | Podcast S02E06

Part of creating a great content marketing strategy is to have a creative on board who knows how to communicate to your audience. Whether it is through an illustration, animation, short film or even an Instagram filter – the key to creating a visually appealing content starts with knowing what exactly you want to communicate to your audience and knowing why they would resonate with what you have to say. 

This was evidently a key highlight we discovered with this episode’s guest Nathalie Koutia, Communications Director of OFFF Festival – a 3-day one-of-a-kind conference that hosts innovative and international talents to share their insightful experiences through visual communications. The conversation we had brought forth some recurring themes that we definitely resonated as marketers including the fact that design (while shouldn’t be limited) needs to have a strong foundation of knowing who the design is for. Here are some of the key takeaways we gathered: 

“Knowing your why, how and what”

The main advice we got from finding a great visual designer from Nathalie is to make sure the creatives understand they’re why. She explains that part of the process of being able to communicate great design is to be able to explain clearly why a piece of creativity would ignite action or reaction. In fact, to solidify that the creative can do so –  one of the key processes she has implemented for her OFFF Academy (a mentorship program powered by Adobe where artists can apply to work on a creative project with some of the industries leading creatives) is to have the applicant write an essay on why they believe in the project, how it appeals to the current world and what mediums they believe would communicate this. She explains that one cannot start explaining their art without explaining it in words.

“Not all channels are created the same for creatives”

At the same time, we all agree that in the strange world of digital where memes like Kylie Jenner’s one-second “rise and shine” song for her daughter can break the internet –  the artist needs to stay relevant and current to know what works for the channels that they’re posting for. In fact, not all visual communications are made the same and a good creative would know what’s the best way to communicate a message to a specific target audience through their art. 

“Visual communication is pointless if you don’t understand your audience”

Ultimately, finding the right creative means depends a lot on what message you’re looking to communicate, who you’d like to communicate with and which channel would fit that message best. And in an era where content is oversaturated, it’s important to note that the most successful campaigns come from creatives who understand what makes the audience tick (and think!).

S02E06 Guest: – Nathalie Koutia, Communications Director and Founder of OFFF Festival in Barcelona

With a background in graphic design, Nathalie Koutia is the Communications Director and Social Media Manager at OFFF Festival. 

She previously worked as the content editor and curator on selected publications and is one of the leading voices of the OFFF Festival in Barcelona and the OFFF on Tour editions.

Nathalie also currently lectures at Harbour Space University in Barcelona in the faculty of Interaction Design.



Don’t skip this bit. 

  • Finding “The One” who can help you with your content marketing strategy depends on a lot of factors 
  • The right creative understands the process of who they are communicating to
  • Businesses need to know their own way before trying to brief a creative
  • Businesses need to also leave room for creativity for the creative to deliver the message


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