11 minutes | Apr 1, 2021

Peter Broke Down And Cried - Maundy Thursday, Mark 14:66-72

Today is Maundy Thursday, and we are finishing Mark chapter 14. Jesus has been arrested, tried, and convicted. The temple leaders say that he is a false prophet. But as we keep reading, we will see that his hard words to Peter were really true.Β πŸ“– READMark 14:66-72❔ WONDERI wonder if Peter could hear what was happening inside the house, as he stood outside warming himself by the fire? Could he hear the group inside yelling, spitting at, and hitting Jesus? I wonder how that would make him feel, sitting outside and surrounded by the temple guards?I wonder what feeling went through Peter's body when the servant girl stopped, looked at him, and said out loud, "You were also with Jesus!"?Have I ever told a baldfaced lie, like Peter does here? How does it feel to know one thing is true, and to say that it is not?When the rooster crows, Peter remembers Jesus's words. I wonder what it was for like for Peter to see that Jesus knew him even better than he knew himself? How would it feel to suddenly see that Jesus knew, all along, I would desert him?When the rooster crows, it also proves that Jesus's words are true. He is not a false prophet; the accusations against him are lies. I wonder what it was like for Peter to realize this, right after turning his back on Jesus?Has there ever been a time when I did not want someone to know that I, too, have followed and walked with Jesus? What do I want to say to Jesus about that?When Peter realizes that Jesus's words about him were true, he breaks down and weeps. Jesus has to go to the cross alone; we are not strong enough to do what only God can do. Can I sit with Peter in his sadness and his tears, as we watch Jesus go down into death alone for all of us?Are there any words, or pictures, or moments in this story I want to ask God about right now?Β Are there any words, or pictures, or moments in this story I want to carry with me into the rest of my day?πŸ™πŸΎ PRAYJesus of Nazareth, son of God: thank you that we have a book filled with your words and deeds. Give us the wisdom and understanding that comes from your Holy Spirit, so that we can know you better and follow you all the days of our lives. In the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, Amen.πŸ’Œ Keep in touch!You can follow us on Instagram and Twitter @wewonderpod for updates throughout the season, or you can shoot me an email at sarah@wewonderpod.com Thanks so much for listening, and I'll see you tomorrow!
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