65 minutes | Aug 14, 2020

Episode 13: Crotch Grab

Ben pays his two cents and rides a freaky all access comment thread tour of YouTube's dark underbelly and walks in the tight-fitting bathroom slippers of an unsung rogue historian journalist: Politically radical Henry dreams of someday sharing an ice cream cone on the San Diego boardwalk with Charley Marshmallow, while listening to the same Hüsker Dü song on shared AirPods, if all these goddamn fruit SKU number stickers don't kill him first: Toothless, forgetful, chowder-brained Magoo Biden selected Kamala Harris to plug the holes in his campaign and popularity; she also agreed to sneak Fig Newtons into his pockets and microwave the soon-to-president's evening Yankee Bean Soup: Plus, Disney Marvel's Unhinged is back, and it's #1 in the UK box office!
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