6 minutes | Nov 2nd 2020

The Science of Crazy Ideas (Part 1)

Let me introduce you into the science of crazy ideas, and how it creates a new way of thinking about your business, your organisation, the world around us. You will see how small changes in structure, rather than culture, can transform the behaviour of groups, the same way a slight change in temperature can turn ice to flowing water.Ready? Let me start with the definition of a Loonshot. A Loonshot is a neglected project, widely dismissed, written off as unhinged.That said, the most important breakthroughs come from Loonshots.Let me showcase this with an example:What you think of when you hear Nokia?In the 1970’s Nokia was an industrial conglomerate mostly famous for its rubber boots and toilet paper. In the next two decades, they pioneer the first cellular network, the first car phone, the first GSM phone. In 2000, Nokia became the most valuable company in Europe, remember they started with toilet paper.The CEO explained that the key was culture. You can have some bit of fun; you can make some mistakes etc. It’s all about the culture, right!In 2004, a handful excited Nokia engineers, had some fun and created a new kind of phone, internet ready, a colour touchscreen, high-resolution camera and they added a crazy idea….. An App store.Learn more:https://frederik.today/blog/loonshots-the-science-of-crazy-ideasSponsors:Start your shopping with a great deal Enjoy more than 45.000 deals, offers and coupons inside your favourite Messenger AppSupport the show (https://www.buymeacoffee.com/wethebusiness)
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