6 minutes | Dec 6th 2020

The Path of the Overnight Success

What is the link between Maurizo Cattelan,  the artist who duck-taped a banana on a wall, and sold it for $120.000 and Jeff Bezos, owner of Amazon?In their beginnings, neither Maurizo Cattelan, Jeff Bezos, Jack Ma and myself  were not taken seriously about our goals and projects Jack Ma has been refused 30x times applying for a job. Nobody believed in Jeff Bezos giving up his high paid wall-street job.Most of us hear only about the successes. The $120.000 for a banana, the trillion valuations of a company. What is more interesting for me is to know how do we move from the beginning to the end? What happens in that black box, in the middle? Does some science exist, a set of rules we can implement to make our idea successful?Learn more:https://frederik.today/blog/The-Path-of-the-Overnight-SuccessSponsors:Start your shopping with a great deal Enjoy more than 45.000 deals, offers and coupons inside your favourite Messenger AppSupport the show (https://www.buymeacoffee.com/wethebusiness)
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