51 minutes | Jul 19, 2021

#38: Good and bad work politics (with Alex Reece)

Alex Reece is a friend and manager at Streamlit (https://streamlit.io/). He joins us to talk about work politics and how much someone in the IC career path has to care about either of them. We also got into the path people take into management vs. staying in engineering forever, and Critter takes every opportunity to whine about imposter syndrome along the way. Leave us a review on Apple Podcasts! https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/we-should-be-working/id1545522072 Homepage of the poddy: https://anchor.fm/jace-and-critter/ Critter's email: mikecrittenden@gmail.com Critter's Twitter: https://twitter.com/mcrittenden Critter's blog: https://critter.blog Jace just wants you to leave him alone.
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