28 minutes | Jan 18th 2021

Peel Ports in the dock

The controversial road proposal covered in this podcast series is called the Port of Liverpool Access Scheme and yet, whilst the port’s owners, Peel Ports, are regularly in the news cheering the expansion of their operations, you won’t hear them talking about their Port Access Road. Ever. So, we’ve done this for them. Here, we share the views and concerns of local residents, hear one HGV driver’s story and ask whether Peel Ports really contributes to the local economy and cares about the surrounding community. Or does its interest end at the port gates? Find out just how closely Peel Ports is working with Highways England and learn about Friends of the Earth’s efforts to engage with the company on the key issuesof pollution and the environmental damage resulting from its operations. Anyone who hasbeen keeping an eye on developments this past few years needs to listen to this powerfulepisode.
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