36 minutes | Jan 28th 2021

Your Parenting Questions Answered

In today’s episode, we answer some of your biggest parenting questions. To begin with, we address what you should do when your child or a child who is in care is screaming. Listeners will benefit from a range of tips that touch on why you should never scream back, along with pragmatic questions that will help calm the situation. You will also learn about children’s needs and discover the reasons behind their yelling. The second question we answer is on the topic of boys playing with dolls. We dive into why it’s healthy for boys to play with toys like these and explain how it helps boys move through tough life experiences while instilling empathy. In the latter half of the show, we discuss how you can handle siblings who fight over toys. We provide a range of strategies that cover the dos and don’ts, which are especially important to consider if you want to avoid sibling rivalry and jealousy. The last question we answer is about sensory play ideas for two-year-olds. Together, we learn how children in the early childhood phase go through life in a state of play, and why a sense of life, touch, movement, and balance are all important. To hear more details on each question, be sure to join us today!

Key Points From This Episode:
• Today, we answer some top parenting questions.
• What parents should do to stop their child screaming at them.
• Why you should never scream back at your child.
• Important lines to say when your child is yelling at you.
• Some of the varied reasons that children yell.
• We’re asked about boys playing with dolls.
• Why playing with a doll creates good human behaviors.
• How playing with dolls can help boys with their life challenging experiences.
• Another listener wants to know how to stop their kids from fighting over toys.
• Hear how you can make sure fighting children feel understood and not judged.
• We answer; do you have recommendations on timeouts?
• What studies have found about timeouts.
• A useful phrase to say to your child when they are in timeout.
• Hear about sensory play ideas for two-year-olds.
• How to implement a sense of life, touch, movement, and balance.

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