31 minutes | Jan 14th 2021

What it Means to Be Human Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of our bonus episode, “What it Means to Be Human,” where we explore this profound and philosophical question. To help us find the answers, we talk with guests Laura Scappaticci of the Anthroposophical Society, and Cynthia Aldinger, Founder of LifeWays North America. We open the show by asking what the future goals for society must be, which leads us into topics like seeking humanity in ourselves and others, and understanding life beyond the material world. We continue our exploration of our overarching question by looking at humanity’s role on the planet. From here, we delve into topical societal concerns, namely the subjects of race, and eliminating racism. The points we cover pull the curtain back on social division and where some of these problems lie. Yet, we also supply remedies to combat racism, some of which include people-based solutions through physical engagement. Be sure to join us today!  

Key Points From This Episode:
• Introducing today’s guests, Laura Scappaticci and Cynthia Aldinger.
• What future goals the Anthroposophical Society is seeking to achieve.
• Ways you can connect with people.
• Hear about Laura’s spiritual perspective.
• What helps Cynthia understand and recognize her humanness.
• How differences can strengthen humanity.
• Cynthia talks about her experiences as a white child in a lower-middle-class family.
• Cynthia tells us about how LifeWays has evolved to become anti-racist.
• How Cynthia ensured white children would be exposed to and accept different races.
• Why racial acceptance needs to come through people, and not just lessons.

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