33 minutes | Feb 25th 2021

The Young Child's Developing Awareness of Self

Today’s guest, Stephen Spiltany, has taught at the Santa Cruz Waldorf School since 1990. He offers courses and workshops worldwide, especially in Asia. He is also a parent and a grandparent and he has written three books and numerous articles about early childhood. In today’s episode, we go further into the development of young children as they discover and explore their awareness of self. Stephen takes us through what an undeveloped awareness of self is, with a comparison between that of an adult and that of a young child we broach the topic of the development of self, how we can recognize the sure signs of our child’s journey of discovering their sense of self, and he explains the concept of interoception. Stephen also shares with listeners about finding the balance between loving firmness and the appropriate distribution of autonomy, and the reasons why a developing child is unable to self-direct. Tune in today for all this and so much more, as we dive into this big topic on the essential aspects in creating connection and supportive development for our child. Key Points From This Episode:Stephen describes an undeveloped awareness of self in the adult versus the young child.What helps us recognize that our child's sense of self is burgeoning: the arc of development.How to consciously and kindly nurture your child's developing sense of self.How the adult state of consciousness differs from that of a child; the dream consciousness.Developing the sense of self and giving your child the option to “choose.Stephen shares some insights into finding the balance of loving firmness.How developing yourself as an adult will flow over and benefit your child.How being mindful and present is an important practice as you observe your child develop. Stephen Spitalny's Books- Conscious Parenting: A Guide to Living with Young Children- Connecting with Young Children: Educating the Will- What's the Story? Storytelling with Young Children as a Path Toward Living Happily Ever AfterLinks Mentioned in Today’s Episode:We Nurture CollectiveWe Nurture on InstagramWe Nurture on FacebookStephen SpiltanyStephen Spiltany on TwitterSanta Cruz Waldorf SchoolConnecting With Young ChildrenConscious Parenting
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