21 minutes | Jan 21st 2021

S3E10: Creating your Family Manifesto

Creating a family manifesto is a wonderful way to identify the values and beliefs that your family holds most dearly.  In this episode, I speak with educator and family coach Kris Hughes about the benefits of family manifestos. We open by exploring what a family manifesto is and how it can build a culture of family belonging. After Kris shares her experience with introducing her family manifesto to her blended household, she highlights how your manifesto should be created collaboratively to represent the best of both parent’s upbringings. We then discuss how your manifesto should meet the developmental needs of parents and children — after all, we never stop growing. Later, we touch on the importance of continually learning from your partner, what you can do to bring your family manifesto to life, and how your manifesto can teach your children to look inward to find answers. Near the end of the episode, we share beautiful moments where our children have expressed gratitude for our parenting style. A powerful tool to create an intentional and cohesive household, tune in to hear more about writing your family manifesto. 

Join Chinyelu Kunz as she talks with Kris Hughes of Joyfull Parenting

In our conversation we touch on;

What a family manifesto is and how it cultivates a sense of purpose and belonging. 

How family manifestos can help bring together a blended family. 

Why creating your manifesto should be a collaborative process. 

Meeting the developmental needs of both parents and children.

The importance of continually connecting with your partner.

Tips on bringing your family manifesto to life. 

Looking inward to find the answers to many of your parenting problems.

The beauty of inspiring your child to continue growing. 

How it takes time to instill lessons in your younger children.

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