34 minutes | Feb 18th 2021

How Young Children Think with Stephen Spiltany

A child’s development is an intricate process that has been refined through millions of years of evolution. Being present during developmental years is a major responsibility for a parent or caregiver, and understanding how one can guide the process is key to a healthy, growing child. Today I sit with Stephen Spiltany, who has taught at Santa Cruz Waldorf School since 1990. I open my conversation with Stephen by discovering the nuances of the child’s brain. Stephen talks about why children don’t have complex decision-making and planning skills, and he touches on the different systems of the brain, namely the Reptilian brain and the Limbic system. Following this, Stephen digs deeper as we explore the limbic system a little further. Through this, listeners will hear how they can adjust their parenting and caring styles. According to Stephen, a child’s job is to explore and try things out, while a parent’s job is to create loving boundaries. He continues this exploration by sharing ways you can approach children who struggle to receive instruction. To find out how you can lead through example, and much, much more, be sure to join us today!In today's episode, you'll discover;Why children don’t have complex decision-making and planning skills.Stephen explains the three systems of the human brain.Hear about how the prefrontal cortex has evolved over millions of years.How an understanding of limbic system development can influence our parenting styles.Ways parents and carers can meet the development needs of young children.Approaching a child that dismisses your behavior as a good example.Why children aren’t malicious but are rather looking for the adult’s attention.Proactive things to say when disciplining a child.Why it is best to wait for intellectual activity.Stephen explains what intellectual activity is.We Nurture CollectiveWe Nurture on InstagramWe Nurture on FacebookLifeWays North AmericaStephen SpiltanySanta Cruz Waldorf SchoolConscious Parenting: A Guide to Living with Young Children on AmazonPaul MacLeanNational Institutes of HealthGray’s Anatomy on Amazon
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