50 minutes | May 3rd 2019

Interpol - Turn on the Bright Lights

       We listened to Turn on the Bright Lights from Interpol. Their first record released in 2002 could lazily be compared to Joy Division...we try hard not to do that but here we are and we just did. An ode to NYC which remains true - the subway IS a porno and the pavements are a mess. An intersection between indie dance rock, post punk revival, dream pop and garage according to some mixed up wiki and it's pointless to shove this into music genres. NYC was a weird time for music in this era and, "Meet Me In the Bathroom" from Lizzy Goodman is a great record of an ultimately wasted opportunity by a lot of talented bands. Email - records@harveylovesharvey.com Twitter - @welisten21 Instagram - welisten2records Leave a message on the Welisten hotline - 978-707-9899