23 minutes | Dec 10, 2019

Season 2, Episode 4: Feelings

You’re listening to We Digress and we’re your hosts, Dave and Deb Beddoe. Although our conversations are often about addiction, recovery, and faith, we do wander off-topic and into areas of broader interest – hence the name of our podcast, “We Digress” Before we dive into feelings… Our audiobook launches TODAY! December 10, 2019. We are celebrating by giving away an audiobook to a lucky winner SPOTIFY – listening to us there? If we’re in your top podcasts on Spotify, you could win a book! Here’s how to enter: We just started an Instagram account together: dave.deb.beddoe@instagram.com Step One: So, find our new account dave.deb.beddoe@instagram.com and follow us. Step Two: Go to your Spotify app, and if we're in your top podcasts, take a screenshot that shows we’re in your top podcasts. Step Three: Share that screenshot to your Instastory, tagging our new Instagram account and you are entered to win. Too complicated? Just go follow our new account now dave.deb.beddoe on Instagram and you’ll find the same directions. Okay, so why are we talking about feelings? Because—like it or not-- feelings and compassion are intertwined & if you are a regular listener of this podcast, you know that compassion is a big deal here. One thing we talk about is that we aren't always great at naming our feelings. Why? In part because we’ve been told continually that our feelings are wrong. But are they? Have a listen.
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