17 minutes | Nov 26, 2019

Season 2 Episode 3 Community pt 2: Barriers to connecting with community

In this episode of We Digress, we continue our conversation about the role of community in crisis, particularly addiction recovery. Two major barriers to relationships within our community are independence and isolation.  Independence In American culture, we value our independence. The United States was basically founded on "I have a better idea, why don't I just leave and do what I want?" Well, sort of.  Pilgrims and pioneers brought their community with them. They tended to fare better when they lived close to each other.  Modern inventions allow us to be more independent. Most of us women don't all gather at the river to wash our clothes and chat. And though I believe a good old-fashioned barn raising is always a good idea (I've never been to one, but the one I dream of also has a picnic basket auction...) We Digress, but the point is, we have to overcome our independence to connect with other people. Isolation Sometimes, we pull away from our community before we hit a crisis point. We step away in shame or feel like we have to fix ourselves. Whatever our reason, it's hard to let people in. When we feel this way, it's difficult to take steps toward community, but it's important for our healing. Plus, sometimes, we just need help. That's not a bad thing! We need to be a part of community for ourselves. And we need to work hard to be a part of a community for others. If you're listening and wondering how to help You are a part of a community, whether it's a family, a church, a neighborhood, or group of friends. And that means, you are a part of someone's safety net. We wrote The Heart of Recovery: How Compassion and Community Offer Hope in the Wake of Addiction to the community around the person in recovery. Half of us know someone who has struggled or is struggling with addiction to opioids. We all need to understand how we can help. Read more at theheartofrecoverybook.com
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