40 minutes | Sep 23, 2016

Two Eleven Madison Alums Plot To Slather The Nation In Brown Butter

One went to culinary school. The other didn't. One had a baker for a dad. The other grew up eating dry chicken and overcooked broccoli. Their culinary paths couldn't have been more different. And yet, they both ended up working side-by-side at one of the best restaurants in New York City: Eleven Madison Park.

After years of browning butter on stovetops in restaurant kitchens and serving it to their friends at dinner parties, the lightbulb went off and they decided to start jarring this sweet, sweet nectar for all to enjoy.

We start out talking about one of the most embarrassing memories of my childhood, so if you're into making fun of me at some point, you should definitely listen. Other than that, we get into the transition from line cooks at Eleven Mad to food entrepreneurs, whether they'd recommend someone go to culinary school, their favorite part of being makers and why they're totally obsessed with butter.

Guys? I've gotta say: this isn't your average butter. It's been toasted for 6-8 hours until it's complex and intense and somehow laced with something that will make your tastebuds dance around like they're at Coachella, circa 2011, when it was still cool to dance. You've been warned.

Full show notes: wecouldmakethat.com/butter


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