88 minutes | Dec 1, 2020

Toni (Mary Hollis Inboden’s mom)

This is the BFFM episode (Best Friend Forever’s Mom)! Mary Hollis and Beth have been friends for over ten years, having met on the Chicago theatre scene. They grew close working at the Chicago coffee shop called Dollop and both made their way to Los Angeles just a couple of years apart. They are each other’s biggest fans (only second to their moms). Diane and Toni feel like they would’ve been best friends too, if geography hadn’t gotten in the way. Diane always dreamed of having a horse and Toni grew up on a cattle ranch with her own paint pony named Jody. Both moms supported their budding actresses and encouraged them to follow their dreams. Find more of Mary Hollis @maryhollisinboden or maryhollisinboden.com!
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