65 minutes | Dec 8, 2020

Gege (Bert Kreischer’s mom)

It took an expert to raise Bert Kreischer into “The Machine” he is today, which is why Miss Gege was qualified for the job. Gege specializes in Early Childhood Development, and not just because she witnessed her 8 brothers go through every stage of it. She’s a real pro. This episode covers Gege’s childhood, marriage, education and motherhood, right up to Bert sending his tour bus to bring her to Los Angeles amidst the pandemic. We get to hear what it’s like to be on a star’s tour bus without the star, what kind of student Bert was in primary school (what lead to him being named the #1 Party Animal in college) and why Gege is most proud of Bert. Oh and we develop a theory as to why Bert has a penchant for ripping off his shirt. Hope you enjoy this ep with sharp and witty Gege.
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