36 minutes | Mar 17, 2021

Kilo Loco: Self Taught Sr. Developer Advocate at AWS

On today’s episode, I chat with Kilo Loco, aka Kyle Lee. Who is a self-taught developer, programming tutorial YouTuber, and Senior Developer Advocate at AWS. Kilo officially entered tech in 2016. Prior to that, he worked in many different industries: in restaurants, real estate, car sales, telemarketing, and more. But he never found a true passion in any of those roles. Eventually, he came across programming and absolutely fell in love! He navigated through different tech languages including HTML, CSS, Javascript, Objective-C, and Swift. To learn the language, he played around with building apps that he and his family wanted and/or needed. For example, he created an accessibility app for his great grandfather who was hard of hearing to better communicate with him. Although they were simple apps, he felt ready to start applying for full-time development roles.  He started a YouTube channel to share his learning with his community and today is a Sr. Developer Advocate at AWS. Kilo has several years of experience working at companies both large and small, as well as freelance contracting. His focus is to take his experiences as a developer and share them with the world, helping others to code passionately.Resources: Kilo’s YouTube channelFollow Kilo on Twitter @Kilo_LocoAWS Amplify Hectic - the freelancing app for everyoneVisit: GetHecticApp.com/WeBelongHere to start for free today!We Belong Here Podcast:Follow Lauren on Twitter @LoLoCodingWeBelongPodcast.comSubscribe on AppleSubscribe on Spotify We Belong Here Discord CommunityJoin us on Discord Server today! bit.ly/webelongdiscord 
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