34 minutes | Apr 9th 2019

Will Smith, Chief Exec, Greenshaw Learning Trust - How to reduce workload and generate a feeling of relief in schools

In this episode of the We Are In Beta Podcast, Will Smith, Chief Exec at Greenshaw Learning Trust, shares his thoughts on:

  • How acids and alkalis altered his life direction
  • What everyone at Greenshaw is entitled to
  • What impact changes to the Ofsted framework will have
  • How he re-defines accountability
  • The organisations that you probably think about that MATs are accountable to 
  • The leader mindset shift he thinks is required in the system
  • His trust’s statement of intent around inclusivity
  • The other side of the exclusions debate he thinks should be recognised
  • How he works to embody the culture of the organisation and who helped him realise it
  • The strategies Greenshaw uses to value staff
  • What they ask schools to stop doing when they start working with them
  • The best CPD initiative he has ever pursued
  • Why he has found himself in car parks with tears in his eyes
  • The one question he says he would ask every head if he could
  • How Greenshaw has developed a healthy pipeline of new leadership talent into the trust
  • Why he thinks the politicisation of education is a problem
  • How one parent changed him forever using a bucket!

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