26 minutes | Mar 18, 2021

Through The Blackwall

Yamina grew up in the majority Bangladeshi area of Tower Hamlets. When her family moved to Canary Wharf things changed; 9/11 happened and the overt racism began. When she became a teacher years later, she didn’t go back to Tower Hamlets, she went to teach in Lewisham. It was in Lewisham where the prejudice she faced as a kid was still present in her students. This time she made it her responsibility to teach them, not only about English but also how to treat people with respect. BIG thank you to Yamina for sharing her story in the episode. Her current school, Forrest Gate Community School, have their own podcast about Teaching and Learning check it out. If you enjoyed this episode please share on Twitter, subscribe, and leave a comment It really means a lot Click here If you are interested in joining the We Are In Beta Community and/or the Curriculum Thinkers Community  Email our producer Jay@weareinbeta or fill out this submission form if you want to share your story on the podcast
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