28 minutes | Oct 9th 2020

Renee Pollonais

In this episode of We Are Crayons - The Podcast we speak with the multi-faceted Renee Pollonais. Renee, born and raised in Trinidad & Tobago, for over twenty-five years Renee has been expressing her creative self through illustration, filmmaking and art direction. She shares what her journey has been like with us.

Renee recalls being interested in creativity in her early years as a child. Admitting there were times she tried leaving her calling to a life of being a creator behind, however, not being able to escape it. Renee shares one of her most challenging bouts with the rejection of her work and how she was able to overcome it.

Always willing to collaborate, Renee says she brings a wealth of experience and creativity to the projects that She undertakes. In a nutshell, She's the person you hire to help visualize your creative ideas and bring them to reality. From Set design to logos to direction for film/video to editing and post-production and much more. She does also enjoy good coffee.

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