41 minutes | Jun 19th 2020

Quincy Ross

In this episode of We Are Crayons - The Podcast we speak with Quincy Ross. As a well-known and respected Creative Director, Quincy shared with us his unusual entry into advertising and how being open helped him to advance as a Copy-writer. He touched on how he is now approaching the use of advertising in a content-driven world.

Quincy has worked at the top ad agencies in Trinidad and Tobago. Working on major local, regional and international brands like Nestle, Guinness, First Citizens, Republic Bank and FLOW to name a few. He has also contributed to many innovative projects over the years such as the 411 Entertainment Magazine, Maxi Money TV game show, the Eatahfood blog and the Chew Dat content hub.

It is this wealth of talent and experience, fuelled by a desire to improve the creative industry and the nation’s appreciation for the arts that drives his passion for doing things differently.

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