31 minutes | Jan 20, 2021

It's a desert out there - so conserve water

Southern Nevada has cut its water use by billions of gallons every year through one of the most successful water conservation programs in the world. Doug Bennett, conservation manager for the Southern Nevada Water Authority, talks with the Water Smarts podcast about the community’s actions and the effort still needed to protect the Las Vegas Valley’s precious water resources. Doug shares why everybody has a stake in water conservation and how everyone can contribute.  According to Bennett: “We went from being a poster child for squanderous water use to literally being considered one of the world class water efficiency programs. And that’s a huge achievement that all Southern Nevadans should be proud of.” “Water fuels our bodies and it fuels our homes and our landscapes…it also fuels our livelihoods. We’re not saying ‘don’t use water’, we’re saying ‘Let’s use water as efficiently as we can’. Everybody can get behind that.”  “We need to fix some of the sins of the past here in Sin City. We put a crazy amount of grass in a lot of weird places, and now we’re helping to pay for some of the expense of having it removed.”Recommended resources:Find water-saving tips on snwa.comGet rid of water-thirsty grass through the Water Smart Landscape Rebate programFind beautiful, water smart plants with SNWA’s Plant Finder ToolGet a Water Smart Irrigation Controller Rebate
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