71 minutes | Oct 17, 2019

Watchmen Watch: Issue #12, “A Strong And Loving World”

Our walk through Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ Watchmen ends with issue #12, “A Strong And Loving World.” Or does it? Because nothing ever ends? No, this ends, as Dr. Manhattan and Laurie Blake return to Earth to confront Adrian Veidt; and our assembled heroes are faced with an impossible decision. SUBSCRIBE TO WATCHMEN WATCH ON ITUNES, ANDROID, SPOTIFY, STITCHER, OR RSS. FOLLOW US ON TWITTER, INSTAGRAM AND FACEBOOK. SUPPORT OUR SHOWS ON PATREON. The theme music for Watchmen Watch was written and performed by Jeff Solomon. Plus, here’s a transcript of the episode, so you can read along as you listen: Alex:                         Welcome to Watchmen Watch, who watches it? We get ready to watch it as we’re coming up on Watchmen Watch on HBO, but first, we’re going to be watching a comic book which just kind of sits there. I’m Alex. Justin:                     I’m Justin. Pete:                        I am Pete. Alex:                         We are going to be talking about the final issue of the Watchmen comic, the 12th issue, A Stronger Loving World, as we wrap up our recap of the comic, and transition totally seamlessly into recapping the TV show, no breaks there, don’t even worry about it. Before we get into it though, I’m a little concerned here, I see you Justin, I see you Pete, our fourth co-host including- Pete:                        Come on man- Alex:                         … some of the biggest four people, isn’t here, what’s going on? Justin:                     Well, It’s a great day here. I actually have some very exciting news. Alan is here, Alan go ahead and introduce yourself. Hello… I’m just kidding, he’s not here. It’s- Alex:                         Man. Justin:                     … he bailed again. Pete:                        That was… Alex:                         That was fine. Justin:                     We’re doing this really insulting them. Alex:                         Yes. We do this over video Skype chat. Even though I can see you when you start doing that voice, I was like, I’m convinced he’s here. That’s how good your voice was. Justin:                     Yes, I am here. Alex:                         He’s here again. Pete is here. Justin:                     No, that’s just me. That’s how seamless when you’re a classically trained actor as I am, you can slip in and out of a character. Sorry, Alan Moore isn’t going to make it for the 12th and final time. Alex:                         Man, that is too bad. Well, hopefully I know how psyched he is about the show, he’s been out on the promotional tour, chatting it up, talking about what’s going on in HBO. Justin:                     He’s at a Buffalo Wild Wings premiere party for Watchmen. Pete:                        I’m going to be there for that. [crosstalk 00:01:48] Are you kidding me? Come on. Justin:                     He has a sauce that’s branded the Alan Moore nuclear explosion wings. Alex:                         I heard they’re also putting that on the Rorschach shows. Justin:                     Those are not shows. Alex:                         Yes. Justin:                     It’s tricky. Alan Moore has lost a step as a writer, especially when it comes to naming a product tie in appetizers. Alex:                         He used to be so good at that too. Justin:                     Yes. Alex:                         It’s surprising. Justin:                     That’s right. He was the one that came up with unlimited breadsticks. They used to be unlimited potential Doctor Manhattan breadsticks. Alex:                         That’s all- Pete:                        Were they blue? Alex:                         … why I always feel like it’s five minutes to midnight whenever I go to the olive garden. Justin:                     100%. Guys- Alex:                         It’s the- Justin:                     … Their original slogan was, when you’re here, you have a blue dick, they changed it to family. Alex:                         I remember I went there one time and I was like, “Hey, we’ve been waiting for a while for our food, can we get our food?” And they were like, “You ate it 35 minutes ago.” Justin:                     That’s how they made a fortune in their early days. Alex:                         They get you, every time they get you, do you know who also gets you? Adrian Veidt gets you, Ozymandias gets you and he gets the entire world. He got them. He did the ultimate punked episode. He punked the entire world in this issue. Really glad I went for that reference. Justin:                     No, this is the context we should speak about this final issue. It is the ultimate punkting. Alex:                         When we left the characters of this book… I was about to say the what. Justin:                     When we left the characters, we said a hardy goodbye last day issue. And here we are, knock, knock, knocking on the character’s doors again. Let’s go inside, issue 12. Alex:                         He
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