71 minutes | Apr 7, 2021

Eddie Gallagher: Above the Cold and Timid Souls

Eddie Gallagher is a retired US Navy Seal who was acquitted of war crimes after being falsely accused by his team mates. 

For three years, Eddie and his family were put through absolute hell. He served nine months in jail, his children were dragged out of the house at gun point, and his wife waged her own war to save Eddie and their family. 

Once he was acquitted, his problems did not let up. The Navy tried to take away his retirement and his Seal trident. 

Nevertheless, Eddie persisted in getting his name cleared, and today, he is working to help fellow service members who were falsely accused or harshly punished by the UCMJ through the Pipe Hitters Foundation. 

Eddie is also the author of a soon to be released book called The Man in the Arena, that tells the story of his and his family's ordeal. 

Pre-order Eddie's book at https://theeddiegallagher.com/.

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