57 minutes | Sep 24, 2021

This Is Too Much You Guys

Episode 189 - Zardoz (Part 2)Flush with excitement after being exposed to the first half of John Boorman's almost too bonkers to believe it existed sci-fi extravaganza, Zardoz, the Warped crew is primed and pumped for Part 2!We were so primed. So pumped! I mean, in the second half we learn that Sean Connery's sweat has magic fuck powers. Cool! There are more tenacious tatas to be titillated by. Alrighty man. Matt even senses that Zardoz is a "personal story" being told with great conviction. And yet... and yet... the sighing and gnashing of our teeth aren't of the good kind.It's as if the magic of last night's debauchery and hedonism have worn off. Now we awaken next to the far too sweaty body of this heaving mass of meat and throbbing man-flesh that is Zardoz. What have we done?! What happened? Where is our underwear? Why are we so old now? Far too many questions. No real desire for answers.Zardoz, it's certainly an experience. We're so thankful we had each other during this time. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
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