44 minutes | Feb 17, 2021

The Magic of Plants, Organic Gardening and Why Weeds Are Wonderful

Who else talks to their plants? This week's joyful episode is a love letter to what we grow - in gardens, allotments, veggie patches and pots on our windowsills the world over. But also what grows wild - in the woods, hedgerows, fields and scrub, the verges by the freeways, even the cracks in city pavements.Your guest host, musician and gardener Nidala Barker, talks with her friend and fellow green thumb, Kobi Bloom about connecting to Earth, respecting our Mother and the marvellous magic of plants.Up for discussion: How can learning more about plants and their wonder help us heal the planet? What exactly is a regenerative farmer or gardener (and how can you be be one)? What happens if we donʼt pull out the weeds? What can we do about food waste? And why is compost so often the answer to life's big questions?But first, here's Nidala singing good morning to her veggie patch... you could not make this up - but she does! Every day it's a new song. Ah, told you this one was a joy.Find Nidala on Instagram here.Find Kobi here.Don't miss our shownotes, for all the links and extra info, www.thewardrobecrisis.com/podcastSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
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