88 minutes | Dec 3, 2020

War On America Defense X with Don Trumbull: Episode 06

“Kill Shot”. Liberty or Death. Mary vs the Marauders.In this episode: Host, Don Trumbull discusses the irreversible attack on the American elections. The Kill Shot cannot be undone, and the observable coup is now sending America over the cliff. With Big Tech, Mainstream Media, and the Deep State working in unison, Don reveals the urgent need for Safe States as the only constitutionally prescribed method to combat tyranny from within and abroad. Liberty or Death means our hopes and prayers are not enough. Surely, God wants us to act. To prepare. To organize. To defend. Not a militia, but a passive, well-armed modern-day defense that is immune from modern-day tactics that will remove our ability to unite. Conservative states are our last chance, it is the essential ingredient for defending freedom, and with enough Safe States, half the people can save “We the People”. Scenario 05. Day 25: Mary vs the MaraudersOn Day 1 of the attack, Mary in Seattle was separated from her family. She lived in an undefended state. She and her family ignored the catastrophic risk that half the country was preparing for, and after the attack, everybody in the city hoped and prayed for rescue. But it never came. Instead, the mobs were seizing territory. Demanding all remaining food and pets be turned over for the greater good. Join forces or die. On Day 25, Mary said no.Learn more about the Safe State Project at www.safestateproject.com.
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