97 minutes | Nov 12, 2020

War On America Defense X with Don Trumbull: Episode 05

Scenario 04. Day10: Leaving CA; The I-15 DeathtrapOn Day 3, after the attack; Jeff, Debbie, and Alex executed their prearranged escape plan that included 30 other families with preserved vehicles. Having an older Chevy Bronco protected from EMP, they left their home in Riverside, CA., and per the plan, they formed a well-armed convoy with the others. I-15 was the only highway out, and they all headed east towards the Safe States. Filled with stalled cars and starving crowds, they soon discovered they were the prey. No mercy. No empathy. A terrible new world.This is Day 10. Undefended State. Considerations follow.Learn more about the Safe State Project at www.safestateproject.com.
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