47 minutes | Oct 8, 2020

War On America Defense X with Don Trumbull: Episode 01

This Unknown Story is RealEver wonder how our divided government would react to an impending catastrophic threat that required each state to enact a catastrophic civil defense? What if the threat was suppressed?For the first time, the American people can now experience the unknown story of a catastrophic threat, a hidden defense, and an ongoing secret that many of our experts and politicians are in a race to reveal.From the depths of a political standoff, a ruthless stalemate, and a diverging nation; War on America: Defense X (Episode 01) lights the essential fuse of an approaching national discussion.In the very first episode, host, Don Trumbull reveals the premise and purpose of Defense X. Given his expertise as a former air carrier owner, backup supply chain specialist, and founder of the Safe States Project, he explains why the catastrophic threat and defense has been suppressed, why it needs to go public, and why Defense X may be America’s only hope at surviving modern-day war, foreign and domestic. Get your bearings in Episode 01. After that, hold on. Experience the 12 scenarios that reveal our life, our death, and our biggest questions. Is Defense X right or wrong? Will it divide us further? Does our freedom require it?Learn more about the Safe State Project at www.safestateproject.com. 
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