68 minutes | Dec 17, 2020

Safe States with Dr. Peter Vincent Pry — Part 1: Episode 07

Insurrection. Looming War. Catastrophic Lies and Sabotage. Trump advisor says,“…Safe States our last hope in defending life and liberty from all.”Part 1: Emergency Crossroads.As an advisor to President Trump on catastrophic war threats to the Homeland, Dr. Peter Vincent Pry reveals the biggest secret ever kept from the American people. China, N. Korea, Iran, and Russia can now instantly defeat America with a surprise EMP attack and avoid Mutually Assured Destruction. To secure its eternal rule, and to avoid justice for all, the SWAMP has suppressed the only defense—because the only defense requires the states to have a backup supply chain, an emergency militia, and an emergency civil defense. In stunning clarity, and in the midst of a stolen election, Dr. Pry reveals the modern-day kryptonite that crushes socialism, blocks the SWAMP, and defends life and liberty from the impending war with foreign aggressors—and the enemy from within. Without Safe States—freedom can’t win.Learn more about the Safe State Project at www.safestateproject.com.
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