41 minutes | Jan 27th 2021

42: Building and growing HVYPER.io & HYAX.com with - Jack Paxton

In this episode I interview Jack Paxton, CoFounder of Hvyper and Hyax. Jack is an experienced full stack digital marketer of 8+ years, specializing in customer acquisition and scaling online businesses.His past achievements include scaling eCommerce store revenue by 4-5x in 6 months. Growing startups to multi-million dollar run rates in under 8 months and doubling lead funnels for online companies.In this episode we discuss affiliate marketing, building SaaS products, running a growth marketing agency and much moreConnect with Jackhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/jackpaxton/https://topgrowthmarketing.com/about-jack-paxton/https://twitter.com/jackhenrypaxtonHyper.ioHyax.comIf you enjoyed this episode then please subscribe, I will be interviewing other successful founders and investors to provide you a shortcut to success.Follow instagram:- https://www.instagram.com/wantmoneygotmoney/
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