42 minutes | Nov 17, 2019

Beyond the end of the road

Join Wander Woman Phoebe Smith as this month she takes a cargo boat along Quebec's isolated Lower North Shore, in Canada, a place that relies of a ship to deliver goods and people between 12 remote communities; find out how to stay on the road for longer with her hard-won travel hack; open your mind as Phoebe reveals the top 10 most mythical creatures said to roam the earth - and explains where to see them; meet Roberto Klabin, of Brazil's Caiman Ecological Refuge, as he tells how he's trying to save the Pantanal's jaguars; find out which is the best travel top for your next trip, thanks to gear experts, Rohan; hear why Australia truly got under the skin of light artist Bruce Munro - creator of the Field of Light in Uluru; and meet our Wander Woman of the Month - Bertha Benz - who undertook the world's first road trip and was vital to the forming of the largest car makers in the world.
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