24 minutes | Apr 10, 2017

Episode 5: CF Roadshow and Rakshith Naresh from Adobe

Description: On this episode of the podcast Script talks with Rakshith Naresh, the Senior Product Manager for ColdFusion  at Adobe.  They discuss many of the items featured in Adobe’s recent “ColdFusion Roadshow”. This includes information about some of the highlighted features of the ColdFusion 2016 (the current version), as well as some of the anticipated features of its next version, codenamed “Aether”. But Script kicks off the podcast and his conversation with Rakshith with a discussion about ColdFusion’s reputation of being a “dead language”. You can find out more about ColdFusion at  http://www.adobe.com/products/coldfusion-family.html or find out more about it on Twitter @coldfusion. You can follow Rakshith on Twitter @rakshithn.  Adobe is putting on events similar to the “ColdFusion Roadshow” on the west coast from April 10-17. For more information go to  http://blogs.coldfusion.com/post.cfm/adobe-coldfusion-events-april-10-17   Transcript: Hello and welcome to Episode 5 of the “Wake Up! With Script Van Winkle” podcast. My name is Chris Laning, a.k.a. Script Van Winkle. But my friends call me… collect. Come to think of it there Junior Developer, you might need to look that one up. Two months back, Adobe put on their ColdFusion Roadshow. It was an informational meeting taken to several cities on the East Coast. I got to attend their session in Durham, North Carolina. I got lots of information about the current status of ColdFusion, and a look at some of the features  that might be in future releases. As someone who is been developing in ColdFusion for over 20 years, obviously I was interested. Especially because I am working with servers that are  several versions behind the curre
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