22 minutes | Feb 19, 2017

Episode 4: Getting Real, Open Source, and Raymond Camden

Description: On this episode of the podcast Script talks about getting “real”.  He also touches on “Open Source 101”, a conference he recently attended in Raleigh, NC. After an important fauxmercial message, he interviews Raymond Camden, an Evangelist for IBM.  Ray discusses his recent interests in static site generation and in serverless applications. You can find out more about Raymond on his blog (https://www.raymondcamden.com).   Transcript: Script:Welcome to Episode 4 of the “Wake Up! With Script Van Winkle” podcast. My name is Chris Laning, aka “Script Van Winkle”, but my friends call me…..very rarely. Now I am going to start off this episode with a mea culpa of sorts.  When I started this podcast I thought it was some grand stroke of marketing genius to create the Script Van Winkle persona. You know, the grizzled old developer who got way behind in technology and is desperately trying to play catch up.  Though come to think of it, the only part that that is made up is the name.. Well, then in episode 2 I got the really bright idea to add an acerbic sounding and very bad NY accent to the character.  Now I don’t drink so I really have no excuse for what I was thinking. Lately though, I have come to the realization that these days, especially in this political climate, with so many people on both sides of the aisle puffing themselves up on Social Media and the like and talking tough from behind their keyboards, that being genuine is what stands out. Forgetting insecurities and opening up to each other and just being….real.  So while I am still hoping my self-manufactured nickname sticks, I am dropping the terrible accent and phony hard edge and am instead going to focus on the content more than the delivery. Don’t worry though, I still plan to keep cranking out the funny commercials! This podcast will still document my journey to catch up with the state of the art, but I am going to steer it more in the direction of interviews with people about a wide variety of subjects throughout the profession.  This is because part of my journey also involves me being burnt out with what I am doing and my searching for a new passion within the community.  I know I am not alone. We all burn out from time to time and need to retool, revamp, and go in search of green
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