14 minutes | Sep 9, 2016

Episode 1: The Wind Up and the Pitch! Playing with HTML 5 Animation

Description: On the inaugural episode of the podcast Script discusses his attempt at making a pitch reel for a job opportunity using HTML, CSS, and Javascript.  He also divulges a little information about himself and generally tries to have fun! Links: Textillate.js (http://textillate.js.org/) – A JS plugin for doing CSS animation. Animate.css (https://daneden.github.io/animate.css/) – Library for CSS animations.   Welcome to the inaugural episode of the Script Van Winkle podcast!  My name is Script  Van Winkle, but my friends call me… annoying. Now the first half of this inaugural episode will be just like the rest of the upcoming episodes. I’ll cover some technology, trick, technique, library, program,  problem or other information I have discovered as I take this long journey to try to “catch up” to modern programming and development. Or is it catsup? I always get confused. The second half of this episode will be a long comprehensive deep dive into the complexities, history and mystery of…well, me,  from conception to the bitter end! Or, I might just give a quick 5 minute overview of my programming background. We’ll see. Could go either way. I may even stuff an awesome surprise right between the two. So hang onto your hat this here is the wildest podcast in the Disney genre.  What’s that? Oh right this is the programming podcast. Let me try that again.  I may even stuff an awesome surprise right between the two. Cause dude this is the sickest podcast in the programming verse.  I wonder why our writer emphasized sickest?  Oh well, who knows what goes through the mind of a third grader. So recently in my pursuit of other opportunities, I came across an ad for a really cool position with a digital advertising agency in a nearby city. I’ve always wanted to work in advertising. I love creativity. I love the challenge of coming up with new and fresh ideas. And I totally binge watched “Mad Men”.   They were looking for a web developer to help them flesh out the websites of their various clients. So I checked it out,. HTML experience? Check. CSS experience? Check.  JavaScript experience? Absolutely check.  ColdFusion experience. Check. C
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