113 minutes | Sep 27th 2020

Drokk! Volume Eighteen

Borag Thungg, Whatnauts! Time for Drokk!, wherein Graeme McMillan and Jeff Lester read the eighteenth volume of Judge Dredd: The Complete Casefiles. Garth Ennis and new guy Mark Millar dominate the first half of Volume 18 of Judge Dredd: The Complete Casefiles but John Wganer and Pat Mills own the back of the volume, and Wagner has big-ass can of Mechanismo to open on us. What did we think of the volume? Tune in and find out! Comments on the show are available at waitwhatpodcast.com, we welcome your questions at WaitWhatPodcast@gmail.com, and we invite you to look out for us on Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and Patreon!