192 minutes | Apr 22, 2021

WKPWP - WWE Wildcard Thursday: New Mailbag on WWE roster depth post-Pandemic, 10 Yrs Ago Flagship, NXT 8 Years Back VIP free sample

First up is a Mailbag segment with questions about WWE shallow roster depth on Raw and Smackdown and if that's a big part of the staleness of the programs, and would it make sense for wrestlers to skip NXT and go right from the Performance Center to Raw and Smackdown in certain instances since NXT isn't a developmental show anymore the way it once was.

Then in a 10 Years Ago Flagship Flashback from Apr. 21, 2011, Wade Keller and James Caldwell discuss TNA's plans to run outdoor house shows this summer and the departure of Jay Lethal. Also, live callers chime in with questions about why so many fans dislike John Cena, the new-look of Dolph Ziggler, TNA's potential changes and what Eric Bischoff said about the reports, who might return to WWE someday among three big former names, when did titles get devalued, and more. In the VIP Aftershow, they discuss ratings for Tough Enough and The Ultimate Fighter plus Vince McMahon and WWE struggling over the years to branch out beyond the core product.

Then in our VIP free sample segment, it's the latest episode of NXT Eight Years Back. Kelly Wells and Tom Stoup cover NXT from Apr. 17, 2013 featuring Seth Rollins vs. Corey Graves in a lumberjack match, Bayley vs. Emma, favorite and least favorite “popcorn movies,” and more.
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