139 minutes | Apr 7, 2021

WKPWP - WrestleMania 37 preview w/Nick Barbati & Tom Colohue + Triple H Media Call previewing NXT Takeover

In today's new Wade Keller Pro Wrestling Podcast, a "Wildcard Tuesday" edition features two distinct segments. First, a special WrestleMania 37 Preview episode of "Nick & Tom's Intercontinental Adventure" with Tom Colohue and Nick Barbati. Their weekend show covering the week in WWE is a new VIP-exclusive podcast series in 2021 and it's receiving rave reviews from our members. In this special episode, offered free on the WKPWP, they preview the entire WrestleMania 37 line-up. This runs around 75 minutes.

Then we present the Triple H Media Conference Call previewing NXT Takeover. This runs around 35 minutes and includes question about juggling the interests of USA Network and Peacock this week, the new Tuesday schedule, the new strip of original prime time pro wrestling programs Monday through Friday on major networks, and more.
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