189 minutes | May 15, 2021

WKPWP Interview Classic: (5-12-16) Ex-WWE writer Alex Greenfield insights into Vince, Shane, Steph plus Brand Split, Reigns push, more

PWTorch editor Wade Keller presents an Interview Classic from five years ago (5-12-2016). This Interview Classic features ex-WWE creative team member Alex Greenfield who talks about his time on WWE’s Creative Team in 2005-2006, thoughts on the brand split and first-hand stories of why it never reached its potential, plus fascinating insights into the McMahon Family with blunt comments on Shane, funny stories on Vince McMahon (including what he believes Vince would have done if he weren’t a pro wrestling promoter), and reasons for his fondness for Stephanie McMahon. Great stories, great insights, and great analysis of the 2005-2006 time and today’s push of Roman Reigns and similarities he sees between Roman and a candidate to be a top top star for WWE in the mid-2000s. A must-listen.
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