217 minutes | Apr 10, 2021

WKPWP Interview Classic: (4-7-16) Matt Morgan reviews WM 34 and Styles's hair, Chris Youngblood talks Texas, Portland, WCW, more

PWTorch editor Wade Keller presents an Interview Classic from five years ago (4-7-2016). On this episode, PWTorch editor Wade Keller’s interview with former WWE and TNA pro wrestler Matt Morgan who returns to talk about WrestleMania 32 and the Roman Reigns push, A.J. Styles’s hair and music, who he’d push as a lead babyface, challenges of being a big man in the industry that is leaning more toward smaller wrestlers, and more including live callers and email questions.

Then in a bonus segment, the full Jim Valley interview with special guest second-generation wrestler Chris Youngblood talking Texas Wrestling, WCW, Portland, Charlotte, wrestling family, and more with live calls and nostalgia!
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