149 minutes | Apr 24, 2021

WKPWP Interview Classic: (4-21-16) Jim Ross talks two hours with Keller about Chyna, Lesnar, Reigns, Samoa Joe, live callers, emails

PWTorch editor Wade Keller presents an Interview Classic from five years ago (4-21-2016). On this episode, PWTorch editor Wade Keller interviews Jim Ross who shares some insights on recent conversations he had with Chyna plus what it was like dealing with her as her boss in the WWF during the Attitude Era, why she left, why she’s not in the Hall of Fame, and more. Then, around the 30 minute mark, he spends another 90 minutes talking current events in WWE, Brock Lesnar, Samoa Joe, Roman Reigns, and more including live callers and email questions. He also updates everyone on what he’s up to now.
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