64 minutes | Jul 9th 2019

Historic Waco Homes

In this episode:

Dr. Ken Haftertepe takes us on a tour of Waco’s famous houses and lesser-known homes. Dr. H just released his book: Historic Homes of Waco, Texas. 

In this tour of 120 historic homes in Waco, Texas, Dr. Hafertepe gives readers a glimpse of the surprising variety of styles and stories captured in the houses built by and for Wacoans. Focusing on the period from the 1850s to about 1940, Hafertepe provides not only snapshots of the dwellings in which the people of Waco lived, but also informed hints about how they lived: everyone from the wealthiest merchants to the humblest day laborers.

Ken is professor of museum studies and chair of the department. He has taught at Baylor since 2000, before which he was director of academic programs at Historic Deerfield, a museum of New English history and art. He is an authority on the material culture and decorative arts of the United States, especially of Texas.

About the podcast:

The Waco History Podcast is co-hosted by Randy Lane and Dr. Stephen Sloan. Randy Lane is the great-grandson of Waco architect Roy E. Lane. He’s also a former American Forces Network Radio DJ and is currently the host of the High Performance Leadership and Charity Champions Podcasts. 

Stephen heads the Oral History Institute at Baylor University. He’s authored several books and created and developed WacoHistory.org, a website and free mobile app for learning more about Waco’s history. 

Together they’re telling the known and unknown stories of Waco’s past.  

Find out more at wacohistorypodcast.com.

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