17 minutes | Oct 1st 2020

Election Mail - What's Real, What's Misinformation

Spread the Vote and Vote.org give you the latest voting news in Michigan, Georgia, North Carolina, Texas, Virginia and NY. Whew! Plus, with the boatloads of political mail arriving in our mailboxes, how can you be sure what's official, and what's not? If you want to be sure you're dotting every 'i' and crossing every 't' this year, check out readthefingdirections.com for an easy guide to learn the mail-in ballot requirements for your state.

Check out:

www.readthefingdirections.com to make sure your ballot gets counted!

and www.spreadthevote.org and vote.org for all of your voting registration, ID, mail-in ballot request, polling place location and election reminder needs!

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