77 minutes | Oct 21st 2020

Real Life Defensive Training – The Body

Kyle McNally, First time podcast guest and our instructor for practical martial arts for the day, joins Jimmy and Mark following a morning of learning the fundamentals of real world self-defense without a firearm. In this episode, we discuss the profound importance of understanding how to defend one’s self without relying on the deadly force of a firearm using basic and intuitive movements from martial arts, wrestling and other hand-to-hand combative disciplines. Kyle explains how the non-deadly-force situation is far more likely for one to find themselves in than a deadly force situation and how understanding these fundamentals can help one keep calm, stay safe, avoid deadly injury to either party, and avoid a legal nightmare after the fact. If you’d like to learn more and find some great classes to better your own skills in person with professional instructors like Kyle, we’ll be bringing in guest instructors like this to Vortex EDGE in the future, so keep your eyes peeled! Also stay tuned for the next episode from this podventure where we dive into the hot topic of home defense specifically. In the meantime, be smart, train as often as you can and stay safe, Vortex Nation!

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