89 minutes | Oct 22nd 2020

Real Life Defensive Training – Home Defense

Adrian and Pete from Vortex EDGE join Jimmy and Mark after a full day of training home defense scenarios in the indoor shoot house at our facility. In this episode, we discuss mentally preparing for a home defense situation and the many different ways it can present itself. The Vortex EDGE crew explains why “Clearing your own house” is a bad idea, but rather, how you should actually consider movement through your home and prioritizing what’s most important at that given time to develop your strategy for keeping you and your family safe. We also dive into the legal aspects of home defense and the surprisingly reality that someone simply being in your home at night uninvited is almost certainly not enough reason to use deadly force against them. Other topics include; what should you keep by your nightstand for home defense, overpenetration, and how to manage a household with numerous family members in different rooms. If you’d like to learn more and find some great classes to better your own skills in person with professional instructors like Pete and Adrian, stay tuned for more info on Vortex EDGE coming soon! In the meantime, be smart, train as often as you can and stay safe, Vortex Nation!

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