14 minutes | Oct 27th 2020

#10MinuteTalk – Offhand Shooting Tips & Tricks

Offhand shooting in and of itself is skill completely unique and different from shooting with any form of rest. It adds in so many more variables to the equation and we immediately see how unsteady we can be when trying to maintain pin-point accuracy with only our bodies holding the weight of the rifle in front of us. The gun begins to get heavy and our muscles begin to shake, the motion created by our breathing begins to affect point-of-aim and even our heartbeats can be a factor! Ryan Muckenhirn and Erik Barber join Jimmy and Mark to discuss offhand shooting and some of the best tips and tricks they’ve learned over the years to get achieve better accuracy and likeliness of hitting the intended target. This could come in handy for those of us about ready to take to the field for gun deer season!